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This page describes how uses cookies and processes personal data.

A cookie is a digital token stored in your browser that makes it possible for and providers of third-party services to recognize your computer across different web sites and visits.

Cookies are used on almost all web sites. All web sites in the EU that are using cookies are legally obliged to inform about their use of cookies in a document like this.

You can delete cookies stored on your computer at any time. Learn how to delete cookies. uses cookies to remember your preferences. Additionally the site uses a number of third-party services that also use cookies and process personal data:

Google AdSense
The service is provided by Google and is used to show ads on selected pages. Cookies are used to manage the ad delivery. The cookies have a lifetime of 2 years. Google stores information about your interests and demographics based on your browsing behaviour on this and other websites. The information is used to show you targeted ads. The legal basis for this processing is your consent and/or legitimate interest. You can modify this via the link at the top of every page. Personal data is transferred to unsafe third countries (United States) in order to pursue a legitate interest in showing personalized ads. Read more on how Google handles the collected data. If you don’t want to see ads based on interests or demographics, you can opt-out on this page. does not itself process personal data. Personal data provided to the third-parties mentioned above is not made available to

The data protection legislation gives you the right to:

If you wish to excercise your rights, please use the contact details below or contact the above mentioned third-parties directly.

If you are dissatisfied with the way your data is processed, you can lodge a complaint with the Danish Data Protection Agency. is published by:

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The guidelines on this page will be updated, if changes are made with respect to cookie usage or handling of personal information. The guidelines were last modified on 21 August, 2020.